Walt Disney Elementary Home

City of San Ramon After School Classes at Walt Disney

Mondays:  Engineering for Kids

Mondays:  Soccer One on One

Tuesdays:  Skyhawks Multi Sports

Tuesdays:  Drama for Kids

Wednesdays:  Berkeley Chess

Wednesdays:  Lego Engineering

Thursdays:  Hip Hop Dance

Thursdays:  IQ Boosters

Fridays:  Mad Science

Fridays:  Speaking with Confidence



Spectrum of Science - Science, Engineering  & Technology

We are offering eight new labs and a shark dissection. National and State standards encourage hands on experiments and testing. Spectrum of Science Foundation encourages the children to ask questions, make a hypothesis, experiment, test and draw conclusions. These are fun, active labs!! Science is all around us!


Disney Elementary

Wednesday, 2:10 to 3:10 pm

1st—5th grades

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